A long list of projects

Happy Monday. I know you're thinking "it's Monday, no one's happy." True, but I am! This morning a long-lost Target Gift Card magically appeared from it's hiding place. It was from a gift we returned for Shane's birthday. I took this as a sign that it needed to be spent IMMEDIATELY! I did hold out until lunchtime. Shane is getting into cars. I bought him his very first Hot Wheels car set, and an Elmo DVD. I know the way to this kid's heart!

This weekend I started thinking about my scrapbooking projects. Back when I was new to scrapbooking, I would start a layout and finish it within a day or two. Then move onto the next one. Every so often I'd get stuck on one. I'd start another one and come back to the first later. When I started doing more detailed work with paper layering and custom embellishments, the amount of time it took to design and construct each project increased, but I was still completing one before moving on.

At the scrapbook retreat, I started 4 layouts and a mini book. When I came home all were in various states of doneness, and none were completed. In the past week, I've finished two more. Whoo's a Cutie was introduced at the Sunday Sketch over at TES. The 2nd is history. It's about the trip Adam and I took to Washington DC in July 2007. Without realizing it, I'd selected a title that was actually a pun. Yes, the siteseeing was historical, but the irony was it would be our last trip together as a married couple. I was pregnant with Shane, and didn't know it yet.

As soon as they were finished, I starting finding things I could have done better. You know what they say - everyone is their own harshest critic. On a positive note, the Early Bird paper under the letters for "history" made that layout. I think it's the bright red and greens. The overlaying circles on the left side of Whoo's a Cutie were so much fun to make, and a great touch.

What about the others? I'm proud to say I spent about 3 hours on the mini book yesterday. I finished 2 pages. So that makes 3 out of 8. The other 2 layouts are still unfinished. One is about Adam's trip to the make-believe Kwik-E-Mart straight out of the Simpsons. It needs a title and some finishing touches. The other was a scraplift of a super cool layout using only BG June Bug papers from CKC Charlotte. All that needs is a 5x7 photo to be done.

Seeing all these great new products from CHA is inspiring me to do a bunch of projects. I had to make a list so I wouldn't forget all of them. On top of that, I've found a few contests I'd like to enter in September. That means creating layouts to the specifications of the call. I just finished the first. It's for Scrap Heaven's October Guest Designer. Working on layouts I know will be evaluated is something nice to work towards. It makes me spend the extra moment getting something just right.

These contests will be my first attempt at "getting published" I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Ok, I am getting my hopes up. My real goal is to get one recognition by the end of 2009. Do you think I'm good enough?

It's the end of August, and that means the long awaited arrival of new Basic Grey lines Indian Summer, Eskimo Kisses, Eerie and the 2010 Calendar Kit designed by Kelly Goree should happen any day. If that doesn't make you happy on Monday, I don't know what will!