On a roll

It's funny how one week you can really feel down and uninspried about scrapbooking and your own creativity. Then something happens and you've got a laundry list of projects you can't wait to start. For me, discovering amazing layouts and buying beautiful products sparks the flame. Have you thought about your motivator? Maybe it's some great shots from pictures you recently printed. Maybe it's an article of clothing, interesting color palette or intricate magazine cover. I know lots of people read scrapbooking magazines, scan the 2 Peas Member Gallery and various forums for fellow scrappers work. These are all great ways to "get inspired."

This layout had a triumvirate of inspiration for me. Fun Sassafras Lass papers, cute pictures of Shane on a tunnel slide, and a Creative Scrappers sketch that leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

Scrapbooking is the perfect arena for puns, a play on words, double-meaning, and overshadowing. I wonder it they did a study, would they find that English teachers are more likely to scrapbook? I chose "Slide" as the title of the layout because that's what Shane is doing. Here is a close-up:

The positioning of the title almost mimicking a slide came by accident. I knew I wanted to add the element in the lower right corner. This dictated how I would position other embellishments and the title on the page. Since I was using classic Sassafras papers, I decided to combine the letter stickers with some cutouts from this paper. The letters are Making Memories Poolside Shimmer Alphas. When you're deciding where to place the title on your next layout, try thinking of different ways to position the letters or papers to back the letter for a more interesting take.

Speaking of MM alphas, there is a new line of mini shimmer alphas that just came out in silver, gold, black and brown and 2 fonts. You'll see some brown ones in two upcoming layouts. I've also got a rare 2-pager to put up, and some layouts I made especially for EMI with Little Yellow Bicycle's fall line, Autumn Bliss. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.