My oh my! New Basic Grey Winter Releases

Kelly Goree announced 2 new lines from Basic Grey on her blog just this morning.

Rather than duplicating all of the product info here, which there is tons of because they are rolling out 10 new product types, go here to read the details.

I really like Basic Grey, and I've been following them closely in 2009. I thought the June Bug line released during the summer was fantastic, and I recently purchased Lim Rickey and Lemonade collection packs. I've been collecting papers and embellishments from late 2008/early 2009 releases Urban Prairie, Offbeat, Sugared, and Ambrosia. I also have collection packs from vintage lines Mellow, Periphery, and Two Scoops. So you can understand how deeply disappointed I was to see the 4 fall 2009 releases. Many have heard me bemoan the wretched patterns and repetitive colors of Indian Summer and the bizarre and unartistic work of Eerie. I thought Nook and Pantry was the best of the worst but was not motivated to buy a single sheet of paper or embellishment. Perhaps when it's discounted 50% I'll pick some up for good measure. Eskimo Kisses seems to be the best of the bunch. I've looked at the patterns and there are a few that could be used for non-Christmas scrapping.

That all being said, my first reaction to Origins and Sugar Rush is a big sigh of relief! Thank goodness the fall line was a fluke. I love the color combinations in Origins and while Sugar Rush has plenty of pink to go around, it should be scrappable with most pictures and themes.

The embellishments, especially the Pieces, look fantastic. Buying all these items for a particular line will really break the bank!

I see the Basic Grey product design and marketing teams taking a feather from the caps of Sassafras Lass with the "Bloomers" a "stitched and buttoned" embellishment.

These "Writer's Blocks" are reminiscent of Jillibean's sprouts

I apologize for the poor photo quality. This was how they were posted on Kelly's site. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about these releases in the weeks to come. In the meantime, the news is a great way to start the weekend! Thanks for reading.


AndreaFriebus said...

Swooning and drooling over the new lines!!!