Rainy Halloween

Halloween might be my favorite holiday of the year. Kids, candy, costumes - what could be more fun? Shane's costume was an Ewok from Star Wars. I thought the Yoda with coordinating dog outfit was the best, but it was Adam's turn to pick.

What a smile!

We were not going to let the rain spoil our fun. I snapped this picture as we were walking to the annual neighborhood pre-trick or treat party.

Someone had the crazy idea to gather all the kids for a picture.

Not bad huh? There is Shane front and center!

A few days before the holiday, we carved our pumpkin.

Shane was less interested in helping and more interested in the sharp objects Adam was using to cut out the pumpkin's face. I was not sure who would end up getting cut first requiring me to make a trip to the ER. Fortunately, both of the boys kept their fingers intact.

I got Shane this adorable mummy t-shirt to wear for school.

This picture was after dinner. He had a fortune cookie, but the almond one was more to his liking. What a silly boy!

I've already ordered my prints, and I can't wait to get started scrapping. Have a great week!