Finally the new Sassafras!

It's another Monday. I hope you had a good weekend. My weekend including some treats!

These are Sassafras Lass' Sweet Treats stickers for the 3 new Winter 2010 lines - Apple Jack, Nerdy Bird, and Cherry Delicious.

These are the B sides of the 2 paper lines I ordered. I decided to wait on Nerdy Bird, because it's the "girliest" of the 3.

I really like the new designs for the border edges on these.

These are the journaling stickers for Cherry (left) and Apple.

I like how they've updated the border sticker on the right side to be 12 inches, and they've redesigned some of the shapes to increase the total number of pieces. Great job!

These are the 12 inch banner sticker strips everyone's been waiting to see.

They were so neat, it inspired me to make my own banner using a piece of Bazzil cardstock and 2 different Sass papers for a layout I was making.

It was super easy to construct this. Just cut about 15 small triangles from a scrap of paper in nearly the same size, then adhere them to a strip of cardstock with the top edges just touching. I added another length of paper above the banner and left a small edge of cardstock for a border around each triangle. There are a ton of different variations for this technique.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for new products and projects coming to you soon.