A tour of my scrap area

First of all, my desk is a mess!

When things are in this state of disarray, I try not to let it bother me. You can see I was working on a layout, and had a bunch of ongoing projects in my 3 tier tray. The plastic bag on top holds the many pieces, gems, brads, and ribbon for the Origins mini book kit I'm designing.

It seems like scrappers are always interested to see what each other's workspace looks like and how they bring organization to their stash. Now that I'm settled into my semi-private space in the living room with my Ikea Expedit bookcase and 4x5 work table I feel like I've hit my stride. So many scrappers struggle with keeping things together, knowing what they have and remembering where they put that special embellishment they bought just for this one project. I don't have a tried and true method, but I here are some items that I can't live without.

I rely on my 3 drawer 12x12 organizers to keep my patterned paper sorted by manufacturer, but I didn't have a good system for cardstock. This hanging file organizer came from Target. It was $9 and is wide enough and just tall enough to store 12x12 paper.

I try only to keep a few sheets of each color family on hand.

It's easy to get carried away buying cardstock, especially if you go for the 500 sheet jumbo box at Sam's. I limit myself to buying some only when it's 4 sheets for $1 at Joann, or I have an Archiver's coupon. Watch out with As, though, because the "free" sheets only cover the cost of the Archiver's cardstock. Bazzill is nearly double the price! If I feel like splurging, I'll pick up a select few colors of Bo Bunny double dot. At $1 a sheet, use sparingly!

For me, the more organizers and drawer space I have, the more comfortable I am with what's available to me and what I can quickly put my hands on. The drawer inserts for the Expedit are a great way to maximize the space in each cube. Look how much you can fit in 1 unit (2 drawers).

Here are alot of my miscellaneous and infrequently used "art" supplies. I do have to dig for some things, but at least I know they're in here somewhere!

This drawer has always held my punches. I recently migrated my smaller shape punches to container sitting on my desk. When I reorganized my stamps, I tossed my heat gun in with the border punches. On a trip to Ikea, I picked up a second set of drawers. Not sure yet what will live there.

The very first scrapbooking organizer I bought was a starter set from iCube. The 4 12x12 cubes snaptogether and are made of durable plastic. The cubes can has plastic drawers. I absolutely love this item. In one of the larger drawers, I keep some random supplies I'm not regularly using.

There are also a few "why did I buy this" and "what I am going to do with this" in there. In addition to the 12x12 drawers, the iCube sells 6x12 fabric bins that I love.

They are ideal for storing sticker embellishments like layered flowers and dimensionals. As well as those pesky border strips.

I still haven't figured out how to keep them from tangling together! One drawer exclusively holds my Sassafras border strips, stickers and embellishments

The last item I have to share are some new storage boxes I picked up for $4 each at Ikea.
If they look familiar, it's because they are similar to the Plano organizers designed like tackle boxes. I've never cared for those because the sections are either too small to hold anything, or they require those flimsy inserts.

I like these because there are 3 large sections and they are deeper than the ones I've found at Joann or Target. I added some small containers to hold brads and buttons. This way they are together, but if I want to dump some out I don't have to turn the entire box over.

I packed nearly all my stamps, ink pads and embossing powders in this box. I like this storage method because I can pick up the container and go, rather than keeping them in a bigger box and having to pick and choose what I want if I'm going to a crop or class.

Maybe these pictures will give you a brainstorm for the supplies that have been driving you crazy. Thanks for reading!