Has it really been a week?

I just realized my last post was Saturday. It's been one of those weeks that was busy, but I'm not quite sure what I was doing. I know there was some scrapbooking involved. Mainly trying to finish layouts I've started and abandoned. That doesn't happen to me often. Usually I start a mini book, and I might not touch it for weeks. I have one of those I'm desperate to finish. It will get done this weekend! I did the cover last weekend.

Looks good, huh?

I've been thinking alot about the organization of my scrap area this week. My space has been pretty much the same since I moved into the living room last fall. While browsing through Julie Fey-Fan Balzer's blog pics of her space, I lingered on this one.

Are you, like me, wondering what those organizers are? Here's a closeup.

I did alittle investigation and it turns out they are organizers for nuts and bolts. Hmm. Do hardware and scrapbooking go together? Apparently yes. This caused me to make a trip to a store I typically avoid. Home Depot. I came home with this.

That one is filled with washers and plugs and outlets. Mine is filled with buttons, brads, stickers, tools. Believe it or not, I have more packed into this thing than I could fit on my desk before.

I also picked up the organizer to the left. It's got 2 drawers that are much bigger than my 3 drawer organizers. For the moment, I've given up on my Making Memories tool carousel too. Here's the new view from my chair.

There is quite a bit more room, but I feel like I shrunk my stash.

Another big reorg is what's behind me. Before the living room was my scrap space, it was a general holding area for things we no longer use. That included an entertainment center that could not fit our new TV. When I moved in it was dusty and held a few toys. Over the past few months, I've relied on it more and more. A few weekends ago I sorted out the last of the toys, and claimed it as mine. This week I relocated my paper drawers to make it official.

I've taken to storing my most recent layouts in USPS boxes. Several of those and more fit in the section behind the glass door. There is also storage below, but it's empty for now. As I settle into this configuration, it may need some tweaks. For now, I'm happy to have a more spacious work area where more embellishments are at my fingertips.

Thanks for reading!


Anne Alagna said...

When you are ready to chuck your carosel, let me know. I cant afford one full price.